The Curious Case Of The (Good) Monday

My house is now uncharacteristically quiet, and I’m alone. Before you go thinking the worst of me, no – I did not take any drastic measures to accomplish this. By 9:30 a.m. today, I was up, dressed, my hair made about 80% acceptable for typical hygiene standards, done my first cup of coffee, all without a hint of complaint. Also, the kid was up, dressed, fed, and gone on her adventure for the day.

For me, this is some sort of record, one I can’t help but question. No begrudging from me on a Monday? A fluke. No groaning, whining, or other forms of protest? Unheard of. But here I am, sitting in unusual silence, wondering if Mondays are really all that bad.

Now, before you sharpen your axes and break out the pitchforks, let me just say that of all the days, Mondays (usually) is the one I would care less if it were obliterated from the calendar permanently. In fact, I would venture to say that no one in the history of Mondays has probably ever really liked Mondays. After all, Mondays are pop quiz days, backlogged voicemail and email days, “Surprise, Parents! My science project is due today!” days, death of vacation days, the days of empty promises made over endless cups of coffee, four out of five of your team called in sick and now you have to do their job too days, and PTA meetings at night to dread all day days.

Hence why I’m surprised at my nonchalant view of the day today. Therefore, I propose we, society, as a collective whole, bring positivity into Monday’s identity to change public perception and to reinvent our thinking toward it. I mean, maybe we’ve been giving Monday a bad rap all these millennia. Maybe it’s a misunderstood day, an emo day that is still trying to figure out who it really is while acting uber annoying and cliche. Maybe, maybe we could all give Monday a chance. Maybe Monday (love) is really all we need.

So, I’ll start! I won’t make Monday a scapegoat any longer. Let me go check the weather and see what’s going on on this lovely day today! Maybe we will go to the park for a picnic tonight. Wouldn’t that be a great way to end a Monday?

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 10.20.35 AM

… Touche, Monday. Touche.





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